About Us



Creche: The day care center is a home away from home and takes care of the child fulfilling his social, emotional and physical needs. It serves as a perfect place for our staff and parents to drop off their children and be sure that their child is in good hands. Age appropriate toys and loads of activities keep children busy and help them utilize their time productively. Caring and well experienced day care employees ensure safety of the child and put in their best effort to give children a homely feeling.

Library: A Well equipped library is the heart of every school. We have a large room with multi media that caters to every level of our children age group.

Art: Art is also a special subject for children at the Pre School. It is well equipped and stocked with plentiful materials and supplies for easy access to children.  Like all great studios, it bears the marks of creative use in which the process is valued. Art appreciation is a major element of our curriculum. The children’s pictures and paintings are also displayed, not only on the walls of the Art Room but in public display areas throughout the school.


The Interactive White Board is a child centered resource to enable a better learning outcome for the children. Each class is equipped with this technology to further enhance children’s learning. The curriculum objectives are incorporated into the IWB class activities making it an enjoyable and informational experience for the children. 

Music: The main purpose of this room is to provide a variety of auditory sensory environment for the children to explore. We have a variety of children instruments that they use in order to learn the different beats and movement.

Health Clinic: We have a health room with all the equipment needed to treat children with all child related emergencies. Our in house general physician makes sure each child’s health is in check with regular medical checkup.